About Fondberg

Fondberg is a Swedish privately owned group of companies with a long history. Fondberg imports, markets and sells alcoholic beverages in the Swedish market since 1975 through both the national monopoly and Horeca.

We at Fondberg believe in story-telling and aim at creating long term relations between our producers’ wines and the consumers. We have a long experience in working with successful tendering to the monopoly and we can with confidence call ourselves local professional experts.
Also the restaurant market is important for us at Fondberg and we have been working in the HORECA markets for decades, where we have a policy of investing in long term high-quality relationships with our chosen restaurant customers.

Fondberg carefully selects partners that offers a combination of quality and adaption to the Swedish market. We hold a wide portfolio of products ranging from top-end wines bought on allocation to everyday wine, from price-awarded micro-brews to affordable thirst quenching lagers, from craft-distilled spirits to some of the largest volume liquors on the market.

We are not only an importer and a brand builder. We add value to our partners by combining our passion, knowledge, drive and creativity with theirs’ -resulting in growing the business in our markets.

This is how we at Fondberg work with our supplier partners.

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Tel: +46 8 555 292 00